Cabrio V03 Swimpants

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Dive into the Cabrio V03 Swimpants in style, an exceptional creation from the Spanish brand that redefines swimwear. With a boxy cut that perfectly balances fashion and comfort, these swimsuits are designed to stand out in any aquatic setting.

Carefully made in Portugal, each pair reflects the craftsmanship and quality intrinsic to the Cabrio brand. Made from 100% polyester, these swimpants are durable and lightweight, providing an exceptional wearing experience. The oversized cotton drawstring adds a distinctive touch to the elastic waistband with Cabrio label, fusing functionality and style.

The Cabrio V03 Swimpants are not only a fashion statement, but also a sign of authenticity. The matte-finish printed design offers a modern touch, while practical side and back pockets add functionality. Experience ultra-fast drying speed that allows you to enjoy the water without losing style.

With the Cabrio logo embroidered, these swimpants not only accompany you on your aquatic adventures, but are also a tribute to the quality and originality of Spanish fashion. With the Cabrio V03 Swimpants, confidently immerse yourself in contemporary luxury.


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